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Air con servicing, re-gassing and anti-bacterial treatment in Swindon

Air conditioning now comes as standard in a very large number of modern cars, but can still go overlooked when it comes to repairs. Your air conditioning unit is probably used more than you think. Most people associate their in-car air con with trying to make hot summer days slightly more bearable but a lot of people might not realise that it is also used in the winter too to demist your windscreen, as it removes moisture from the air circulated.

At Technoquip, we offer full air conditioning servicing. Not only can we re-gas your air con unit, we can also clean out the system and check for any leaks.

When you book in a full air conditioning service with us, we’ll empty what’s left of the refrigerant gas. We’ll also change the oil/lubricant within the compressor and clean out the whole system. The oil will then be replaced and we’ll refill the gas and check the system over for any obvious signs of leaks.

All air conditioning system units will lose more than 10% of their refrigerant gas over the course of a year. Even if you never use your system, the gas will slowly deteriorate, reducing the effectiveness of your air conditioning over time.

A poorly maintained air conditioning unit will have a negative effect on your fuel economy. The worse the condition of your air con, the harder it must work to get your vehicle to the correct temperature. It will also take longer to clear your windows on cold or damp days. The air con unit is powered directly from your engine, if it’s being forced to work harder it will end up using more fuel in the process.

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Air conditioning system clean

Many air conditioning units can suddenly develop an unpleasant odour. This is usually due to a bacterial build-up on the vehicle’s air conditioning filters. We offer a full anti-bacterial clean, alongside our general service options. So if you’ve suddenly noticed a nasty smell when you turn on your air conditioning, book your vehicle in today for a full system clean.

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You can now book an air conditioning service or re-gassing online, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Just enter your registration and we’ll instantly tell you the price of the service you require. You can then choose a day and time for your appointment that fits around you.

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