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Engine, suspension, tyres and exhaust repairs in Swindon

Here at Technoquip, we’re set up with the latest tools and equipment, allowing us to quickly identify any issues from which your vehicle may be suffering. So whether you’ve suddenly got black exhaust fumes coming out of your vehicle or a tilted headlight, we’re here to help.

We know how much you rely on your vehicle as the vast majority of us use our vehicles on a daily basis. Suddenly being left stranded without transport can have a huge impact on your day to day life. At Technoquip, we appreciate how important your vehicle is to you, so you can rest assured we’ll always try and get you back on the road fast, efficiently and affordably.

From the most basic of repairs, such as changing a battery, through to a complete project engine rebuild; it’s all in a day’s work for our highly-trained team. We’re happy to discuss projects or major repairs with our customers. We undertake a significant amount of welding and other jobs that some smaller garages may consider specialist work so that you don’t need to look any further for your car body repairs.

Many issues can be identified by plugging in our top-of-the-range diagnostic equipment into your vehicle’s ECU. This is your engines ‘brain’ which stores information from a network of sensors. Ordinarily the newer the vehicle, the more complex the ECU. At Technoquip, we have years of experience with car electrical systems, meaning whatever the issue, the chances are we’ve seen it and fixed it before.

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If you know what’s wrong with your vehicle, you can easily contact us for a quote. It’s now even easier to do this as you can write a brief description of the issue, along with alternative amounts if you’ve already received a quote and we’ll competitively price up the job for you.

If you don’t know what’s wrong with your car or van, you can always book in for a free visual inspection. We’ll try and identify the problem, before discussing the repair options with you. We’ll never carry out any work without your prior approval and we’ll always be as transparent as possible about the cost.

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