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MOT testing and servicing for your car or van in Swindon

Nearly every vehicle on the road in the UK requires a valid MOT certificate, once it exceeds 3 years of age. At Technoquip, we have fully licensed DVSA (Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency, formerly VOSA) technicians. We can carry out MOT testing on all class 4 vehicles, which includes all normal cars and most vans below 3,000 kg.

A valid MOT certificate is a legal requirement, without a valid MOT certificate you could end up facing a significant fine. The test itself is designed to ensure your vehicle is safe and roadworthy. During an MOT test, all the major components of your vehicle are checked. We’ll check the brakes, tyres, exhaust and engine emissions. The outside of the vehicle, including the underside, is inspected to make sure it’s structurally sound.

All lights and signals will be checked, including the angle of your full and dipped beam. This is to check you’re not accidentally blinding other motorists or driving with too poor a view of the road ahead.

If you book a service alongside an MOT test, it may well end up saving you money. Any issues that may arise during the test itself will usually be picked up first, during the service, allowing us to notify customers if their vehicle is likely to need repair work or it to be able to pass. Combining a service for your vehicle at the same time as your MOT will save you both time and hassle; you won’t have to have your vehicle with us on separate occasions and you’ll know your vehicle is in tip-top condition when you get it back.

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Quality car servicing in Swindon

Technoquip offers interim, full and major car servicing with an extremely competitive set price structure. Sticking to a regular service schedule is the best way to keep your car running smoothly and problem free. Not only that, but servicing often allows potential future problems to be identified and addressed before they become worse, potentially saving you hundreds of pounds in repair costs.

One of the most vital parts of any service is the oil change. The oil in your vehicle’s engine is vital; it lubricates and protects all the major internal moving parts. It also catches and holds contaminants. Without regular oil changes, these contaminants build up and can, over time, cause significant damage.

At Technoquip, we’ll always check your vehicle’s service history before getting started on your car’s service. That way, we can check which components need a little extra attention and which parts have already been replaced in the system. If we notice any repairs are needed, we’ll contact you with the recommended repairs along with prices on labour and parts so that you know what to expect when coming to collect your car. We’ll go ahead with the repairs when you’re happy with the process moving forward and will let you know when the work is done.

We always make sure that we provide quality parts and fitting when it comes to replacing any components or lubricants within your vehicle. We tailor our services to your vehicle so that it can run smoothly, saving you money on expensive repairs and excessive fuel consumption.

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